Planning Stages In Transfromation

planning stages

Our actions indicate how important your goal is.

We treat those things we consider important in a different way. For example, we put what is important to us in writing, keep it in a safe place or both. Think about your birth certificate, your passport, your cars pink slip, marriage certificate, your employment contract, business license.

They are all in writing and most of you keep them in a safe place.

When it comes to personal transformation that includes much more significant aspect of life often do not have anything in writing.

This  includes what to expect to accomplish with your degree after your getting your degree. What you need to do to keep your mate happy. What steps you’ll have to take to earn your next promotion. What  specific steps are necessary to make your business successful. What the financial requirements for an early retirement are.

I know a lot of people who struggle to stay healthy, lose weight or gain muscle. These are relatively simple things to do. The simplicity of these goals does not make them easy or insignificant. However, most people are trying to accomplish any physical, emotional and mental or spiritual goals do not have anything in writing about it.

Lack of a written goal by itself indicates that they do not consider their transformation goal as significant as their passport records or their car’s pink slip.

I have a very simple approach to life. If it is not in writing it is not significant. If it is not significant, it is not worth it to you to put the effort necessary to reach it.

You may have another approach to life. If it is working for you greatly. If it is not the first question I have for you is this. Do you have it in writing.

If you have it in writing, move to the next stage which is planning.

There are many approaches to planning that has worked for thousands of individuals, corporations and governments. You don’t want to get caught up in the details and intricacies of how these planning approaches are different from each other. You can focus on what is in common among them and work with that. You can accomplish much more by following the planning process than you can without one.

Below is an example of how to plan any type of event from weight loss to enlightenment.

  • Crystallize your A solid and clear written statement of expectation creates a framework for you to go to the next stage. Without clarity, it  is difficult to pick the pieces that from your expectations.
  • Check required resources – for you to reach your expectations you need to work with specific resources. At this stage don’t worry about who ones them. Focus on what the needed resources are regardless of you owning them or not.
  • List actions – if you own specific resources needed to reach your goal, focus on the most effective use of those resources. If you do not own the resources needed, you list the actions needed to obtain them. You either own what you need to accomplish what you want or you can get them. Sometimes what you own could be used in a different way to substitute what you do not have. You need to be interested in and value what you own and then rely on your imagination and creativity.
  • Prioritize – listing actions in the last step is a form of brainstorming. You don’t want to get into details too much, just list what you think should happen. After that, you look at your action list and figure out which one should go first. Don’t overcomplicate
  • Implement and adjust. Next step is to begin implementing what you have listed. When you have a clear expectation in mind, you will notice quickly whether or not an action is moving you toward that your expected outcome. If it is, then keep going, if it is not adjust. Adjustment doesn’t mean giving up or forgetting your expectation; adjustment means finding another way to move toward your expectations.


What It Means To Be Spiritual

For most, mental analysis is a way to solve the riddle of spirituality. This approach rarely leads to a satisfactory or lasting experience.

Without experiencing the warmth of the sun on your face, without hugging someone you love tightly against your chest, without experiencing starvation, you could analyze the rays of the sun in a physics lab, you could discuss love in a poetry class and you could join charity groups who have dedicated themselves to eliminating starvation. In the end, you will not experience, the sunlight, love or starvation.

Spirituality by definition is the intangible that brings life to the inanimate and the spark of intelligence to the mind. It is the ocean that makes up the fish and contains the fish. The fish remains unaware of the vastness of the qualities and the size of the ocean.

Instead of a mental approach, mystics have chosen to walk the path of experience to reach spirituality. A few fortunate ones have walked this path under the guidance of an experienced teacher who could show them the way and keep them away from unnecessary harm.

Those who walk the path to reach spirituality are too busy discussing it, they are living it with each act and demonstrating it with each breath. There is a lightness and joy about them that could uplift those around without words.

They focus their attention of Divine Love and service. They face life fully without fear or excuses.  They speak in stories not to hide the truth, but to make it easy to remember and use.

Each of them tells a different story that is the same. Once the differences are set aside, the story always is a love story. They are in love with Spirit, with Life, with God.

Our search for spirituality is our search for Divine Love. Our question is answered once we find Divine Love without any barriers or illusions.

Are You Ready?